Personal Injury FAQs

Personal Injury FAQs

Do I need a lawyer for my car accident claim?

If you have been injured in any vehicle accident in Georgia or California, your entire accident claim could be lost or significantly reduced in value because of one misstatement, one missed deadline, or one legal or strategic error. Your claim could even be hurt simply because the insurance company knows that most people are unfamiliar with personal injury law and takes advantage of that.

Do not fall for the “friendly” insurance company. No matter how nice the insurance adjuster seems, you must remember that the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, and insurance companies stay in business and thrive by denying or minimizing claims. That is much easier for them to do when they are not dealing with a personal injury lawyer. You also must be careful with every word said to an insurance representative as simply answering a seemingly innocent question of “How are you” by responding “Fine” could harm your case.

As you can see, there are high risks when dealing with the insurance company yourself. Studies even show that people who are injured recover much more money when they are represented by a personal injury lawyer. So don’t be convinced when an adjuster tells you that you don’t need a lawyer. Remember – insurance companies and their adjusters are never on your side when it comes to accident claims.

That being said, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the world of insurance companies and adjusters to maximize your recovery. The AAA Group’s team of lawyers and staff have one job – to protect YOUR rights. We will work with you one-on-one, to uncover all steps necessary to increase your likelihood of receiving full compensation. We will gather and preserve evidence, comply with all deadlines, analyze laws, assess your damages, and determine the fair value of your claim – all so that you don’t have to.

With a skilled auto accident attorney by your side, you can rest easy, knowing that you are on the road to getting the compensation you deserve. The AAA Group fights hard to protect the rights of accident victims as part of our goal to be the best personal injury law firm in Georgia and California. We only represent accident victims, fighting hard each day to protect injured people.

Do I have a case?

If you were injured as a result of the negligence of somebody else, it is more likely than not that you will have a case that we can help you pursue. We will provide you with a free consultation and can evaluate your injury case. We are happy to explain your legal rights, and determine whether or not your case is one that we can help you with.

Knowing your legal rights and the steps necessary to protect those rights is imperative and the first step to your road to a successful recovery. Contact us today for your free consultation.

What is my case worth?

There is no magic number or formula as to what a claim is worth that will apply in every situation. Each claim is unique and the actual value of the case depends on many factors, including length of treatment, personal hardships, pain and suffering, lost wages, and the amount of your medical bills. These are only some of the factors involved in arriving at the figure that your claim is actually worth.

One thing that is established by studies conducted by insurance companies is that a personal injury lawyer generally recovers significantly more than if the claimant handled the case alone. Our trained legal team will help you to evaluate your case. We will never settle your claim for any amount that you do not agree to. We will keep you informed of each and every offer every step of the way. Again, our job is to maximize the value of your claim. So contact us for a free consultation today.

How long does it take to receive my settlement?

No two cases are exactly alike. An experienced personal injury attorney is concerned about your health first.

The most important thing is for you to get the medical care you need so that you can recover from your injuries. Once you are done treating with all of your physicians, we will request all of your bills and records.

Once all of your bills and records are received, we will meticulously review every piece of information in your file including how your life has been altered or changed since the injuries occurred. Then, we will discuss with you the value of your case. We will tell you what we think your case is worth and send a demand to the insurance company. We will make you aware of any offers and advise you with each particular offer.

The average case settles within three weeks to a few months after the insurance company receives our settlement demand, if your case can be settled. That decision of whether or not to accept a settlement offer is always yours to make.