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Were you or a loved one injured in a car accident in Marietta, GA? You may be entitled to monetary compensation from the at-fault driver. The Auto Accident Attorneys Group can help you get damages for medical expenses, other financial losses, pain and suffering, and more.

We’re a top-rated personal injury law firm in the Atlanta metropolitan area that wins cases consistently for accident victims. Our Marietta car accident lawyers have 30 years of combined experience and have secured tens of millions of dollars for our clients. If you choose us to represent you, we’ll work hard to get you the results you need and deserve.

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How The Auto Accident Attorneys Group Can Help You After a Car Accident in Marietta

How The Auto Accident Attorneys Group Can Help You After a Car Accident in Marietta

A car accident can leave you and your family with a number of serious consequences to deal with. The effects may have an impact financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically all at the same time. Taking legal action on top of all of this might seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to go it alone.

If you hire The Auto Accident Attorneys Group, we can help you with every aspect of your claim while you focus on recovering. Our award-winning Marietta personal injury attorneys will take care of you every step of the way, making sure your case receives the full force of our dedication and resources. To be more specific, our lawyers can:

  • Internally investigate your collision
  • Evaluate what your claim is worth
  • Hire industry experts and professionals
  • Collect evidence to prove your case
  • Protect you from accusations of blame
  • Negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf
  • File a lawsuit and take your case to court if necessary

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Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

The primary reason to hire a car accident lawyer in Marietta, GA, is to make sure you are fully compensated for your injuries and damages. An experienced attorney can help make the difference in your case by:

  • Leveling the playing field with the opposing party, who will likely be represented by an attorney. Insurance companies even have entire legal departments on their side.
  • Protecting you from allegations of contributory fault. Under state law, if you are successfully blamed, you could receive much less compensation (or possibly none). 
  • Hiring professional experts and utilizing extensive resources in support of your claim. Some of these resources may be used to prove the extent of your damages, while others can help establish liability.
  • Allowing you to take the time you need to rest and recover. In the meantime, your lawyer will represent you through all stages of the car accident claims process.

These are just a few reasons why choosing a car accident attorney for your case may be in your best interest. Since we offer a free case review, you have nothing to lose by setting up a time to meet and learn more.

How Much Money Can I Get From a Car Accident Claim?

Georgia is an “at-fault” state for car accidents, which means you can take legal action against the driver who caused your crash – or their insurance company. The value of your claim will come down to many factors, such as:

  • The extent of your financial losses, such as your medical bills
  • How serious your injuries are, and what types of injuries you have suffered
  • The strength and availability of evidence in your claim’s favor
  • Whether you contributed to the cause of the collision
  • The nature of your pain and suffering
  • Whether you’ll make a full medical recovery and can return to work

If you hire our lawyers to help you, our legal team will conduct a thorough evaluation of your Marietta car crash claim so that we can maximize your compensation. 

How Long Do I Have To File a Car Accident Lawsuit?

Georgia’s statute of limitations for most car accident cases is two years. This means you’ll generally have two years from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit in court. If your lawsuit isn’t filed on time, you’ll likely lose your right to recover compensation.

However, there are exceptions to this time limit for some cases. We recommend contacting our law offices as soon as you can after a crash so that we can help you assert your legal rights.

What Types of Compensation Are Available After a Car Accident?

Accident victims in Marietta can recover two forms of compensatory damages: economic and non-economic. Punitive damages could be available in rare cases that reach trial as well.

Economic Damages

Economic damages represent the financial consequences of your car wreck. Examples include:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills, current and future
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Home care services
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Property damages

There are many other kinds of economic losses you can recover compensation for, depending on the facts of your case.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages reflect the other consequences of your crash that aren’t as easy to quantify. A few examples are:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Disability and inconvenience
  • Loss of consortium
  • Mental anguish
  • Conditions like PTSD, anxiety, and depression
  • Emotional distress

Often, non-economic damages add up to most of a car accident case’s value.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Most personal injury attorneys in Marietta work on a contingency fee basis. They don’t charge by the hour or for a flat fee. Instead, you can hire a lawyer without paying anything upfront. From there, they only get paid if they recover compensation for you.

If you receive a settlement or jury verdict, your attorney’s fees will amount to a percentage of that compensation. In most cases, this percentage will be around 33-40%.

With a contingency fee, you can afford to hire a top-rated Marietta car accident lawyer even if your crash has left you in tough financial circumstances. Further, your lawyer will be incentivized to get as much money for you as possible.

Can I Get Money if I Was Partly at Fault for My Car Accident?

Under Georgia law, you can still possibly recover money damages even if you were partially responsible for your car collision in Marietta. However, the state follows a “modified comparative negligence” law with a 50% bar to recovery.

This means that you can be assessed a percentage of fault for your collision. You can’t get money if this percentage reaches 50% or higher. Otherwise, your compensation may be reduced proportionately – for example, sharing 40% of the blame would reduce your damages by 40%.

An experienced lawyer in Marietta can respond to allegations of blame on your behalf, aiming to make sure the percentage assigned to you is as low as it can be.

Will My Car Accident Case Go to Trial?

Most likely, your car accident case in Marietta won’t go to trial. The majority of claims are resolved through out-of-court settlement agreement negotiations instead.

However, some circumstances might lead to filing a lawsuit. For example, if the at-fault party refuses to offer a fair settlement, it may be best to take them to court. Once a lawsuit has been filed, we’ll go through the pretrial discovery process. This step in the litigation process could reveal additional evidence in your favor. 

Also, keep in mind that settlement negotiations can continue even after our lawyers file a lawsuit. So, even if your case makes it to court, that doesn’t mean it will necessarily go all the way to trial.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Marietta?

Keep the following in mind to protect your legal rights and interests after a Marietta car crash:

  • Call 911 to report the accident to the police and emergency medical personnel. This step is required by state law in many cases, and a police report can help your compensation claim.
  • Exchange information with the other drivers who were involved in the accident.
  • Do not apologize for the collision, and do not accept blame. If you do, it could hurt your case.
  • Receive medical treatment, even if you don’t have an obvious injury. Some injuries, including some traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), don’t immediately present symptoms. Medical records can also serve as important evidence.
  • Collect evidence if you can safely, such as taking photos and videos, getting information from eyewitnesses, and more.

You should also set up a free consultation with an attorney as soon as you can. Be careful about speaking with any insurance companies prior to getting legal advice; insurers do not have your best interests in mind.

Types of Car Accident Claims We Handle

With 30 years of experience in total, our personal injury lawyers are qualified to help you with any type of car accident claim. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following.

Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving is a major problem, especially since the rise of smartphones and other similar electronic devices. If you were injured in this type of collision, reach out to our Marietta distracted driving accident attorneys. We can help you file a claim.

Speeding Accidents

Since speeding is illegal, it might be easier to establish negligence for this type of accident. Learn all about your legal rights and options by contacting our experienced Marietta speeding accident lawyers for assistance.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving is incredibly dangerous, and the person at fault for your crash might be charged with driving under the influence (DUI). You deserve full compensation if you were involved in this kind of wreck, and our Marietta drunk driving accident attorneys can help every step of the way.

Intersection Crashes

A significant portion of car accidents take place at intersections. Regardless of the specific reason for your crash, you may be owed substantial money damages from the other driver. Our trusted Marietta intersection crash lawyers can help you take legal action.

Contact our experienced litigation attorneys for further information about how you can get money after a crash, no matter what type of collision you were injured in. 

Who Could Be Liable for My Injuries Resulting From a Car Accident?

Any number of persons, entities, and other parties could be liable for your accident injuries. The following are just a few examples:

  • The other driver and/or their insurance company
  • Bicyclists, pedestrians, even passengers
  • Employers, such as a trucking company
  • Government entities, if your crash was due to poor road upkeep
  • Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft

So long as someone else was responsible for your injuries, you may be entitled to a car accident claim against them. Set up your free consultation with our accident lawyers today for more information.

Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

Car crashes can result in serious, life-changing injuries. Some common kinds of harm include:

  • Concussions and other TBIs
  • Paralysis
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Amputations
  • Eye injuries
  • Burns
  • Nerve damage
  • Strains and sprains
  • Crushing injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Road rash
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Wrongful death of a loved one

Call our award-winning legal professionals for help today. Our injury attorneys are passionate about representing injury victims in Marietta and will work hard to get you results.

Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents can occur to anyone at any time, but some causes happen more often than others. These include:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Failure to yield the right of way
  • Fatigued driving
  • Defective parts and machinery
  • Speeding
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Improper lane changes or turns
  • Poor weather or road conditions
  • Running a red light or stop sign

If you’ve gotten into a car crash in Marietta for any reason, we’re here to help you.

Marietta Car Accident Statistics

Car accidents in Georgia happen on a regular basis. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) maintains a Crash Data Portal with statistics for every city in the state. The latest available car accident statistics for Marietta are as follows:

  • There were 4,535 accidents in Marietta in 2022
  • These crashes led to 1,608 injuries and 13 fatalities
  • The year previous, in 2021, there were 4,960 collisions, 1,698 injuries, and 14 fatalities

Based on these data, on average, there are around 13 crashes every single day in Marietta, Georgia.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Marietta

Some of the most dangerous intersections in Marietta and Cobb County include:

  • Cobb Parkway and Windy Hill Road
  • US-41 and Woodstock Road
  • Powder Springs Street, between Cunningham Road and Baltimore Place
  • Roswell Road and Old Woodstock Road
  • Cobb Parkway at Barrett Parkway

Although you might not be able to avoid all of these roadways, it can be helpful for your safety to understand that they carry a higher chance of accidents.

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